By David Wiseman (Administrator)published 01 Mar 2009
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Bulk Password Control

Bulk Password Control - A tool to update Active Directory user attibutes 

What is Bulk Password Control?

Bulk Password Control is a tool to allow you to reset passwords for large numbers of Active Directory user accounts.  Using the password generator, a different password can be used for each user account (reccomended) or you can choose to use the same password for all user accounts.  Bulk Password Control can also be used to enable/disable and unlock user accounts.  If the additional Bulk Modify tool is installed you can also use Bulk Password Control to modify additional user attributes.  The application can also be extended with your own VBScript Tools.

Bulk Password Control includes a number of options to allow you to query for user accounts.  You can select users from a group, organizational unit, pre-defined query or a custom query.  You can also enter a list of users manually or from a text file.


  • Reset Password for multiple user accounts.
  • Generate a unique password for each user using a customizable password generation options.
  • Enable/Disable user accounts
  • Unlock user accounts
  • Query users from a group, organizational unit, custom or pre-defined query.
  • Query for "locked out" user accounts (A pre-defined query)
  • Extend Bulk Password Control with your own VBScript Tools
  • Export results to Excel or CSV.
  • Modify additional attributes with the optional Bulk Modify tool.




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