By David Wiseman (Administrator)published 01 Mar 2009
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WiseSoft BulkModify

 WiseSoft Bulk Modify Dialog (General Page) - Update Active Directory Attributes for Many User Accounts 


What is WiseSoft Bulk Modify?

Bulk Modify is an optional component of Password Control that allows you to bulk modify active directory user attributes.  For example, you could use Bulk Modify to ensure all user accounts in your domain have a common-name that conforms to the company policy that the common name should be set as "LastName, FirstName". 

Bulk Modify is styled to look similar to the user dialog box in Active Directory Users and Computers.  This will make it easy to identify the attribute you want to modify as you can locate it the same way as you do in the familiar ADU&C dialog. 

The Bulk Modify tool is launched from the Bulk Password Control dialog.  You can use the query capabilities of Bulk Password Control to select the user accounts you want to modify.  Bulk Password Control allows you to select users from a group or an organizational unit (OU).  You could also use a custom or pre-defined query to select the user accounts you want to modify.  For example, you might want to use Bulk Modify to update the description attribute to a default value only for those users where the description attribute is empty.

Bulk Modify is simple to use and provides system administrators with a quick way of bulk updating active directory attributes.  It's an optional component of Password Control so this is something that can be installed for System Administrators and disabled for helpdesk staff.


  • Bulk Modify user attributes in Active Directory.
  • XML style placeholders that allow you to base your modifications on other Active Directory attributes.  e.g. Set email address to
  • Find and Replace - The XML Placeholders can also be used to find and replace text.  For example, find "WiseSoft" and replace with "WiseSoft Corporation".  Other string manipulation functions are supported: UPPER, lower, ProperCase, LTRIM, RTRIM,TRIM, RIGHT, LEFT and SUBSTRING.
  • Support for multi-valued attributes.
  • Upload user images to Active Directory.
  • Detailed logging information.  An XML log file provides you with information about the users/attributes modified and which modifications succeeded/failed.  The results are automatically shown in the application so you don't need to understand XML or use a 3rd part application to view the results.
  • Rollback functionallity. The log files can be used to undo changes if required. 
  • Support for extended AD attributes.  The AD schema is read to determine what additional attributes are available to modify. 
  • Ability to add and remove users from groups and set the primary group membership.

The Bulk Modify component is a powerful tool, but it should be used with some caution.  Although a rollback facility is provided this is not guaranteed to be foolproof.  You should always ensure you have a recent backup of your directory.

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