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The following information is based upon over 500 interviews with senior executives with whom I conducted over the past four years. These senior executives represent a variety of industries and organizations. It is interesting to note the similarities of their responses. The research concentrated on five areas:

1. How they gained their experience and knowledge to become a senior executive.

2. What are their attitudes and opinions concerning the youth of today?

3. What are they most concerned about in running an organization in today's society?

4. What are their hobbies and interests outside of work?

5. What do they read to keep current?

How they gained their experience and knowledge:

? For all respondents Cheap Nathan MacKinnon Shirt , education was the number one priority. All had an undergraduate degree and approximately 60% had a graduate degree. They all believed that without a college education, their chances for advancement to senior management were almost unattainable.

? Having mentors throughout their career was very important to these men and women. They learned how to promote themselves through the guidance of a mentor. I highly recommend that you read Steven Scott's book Cheap Matt Duchene Shirt , Mentored By A Millionaire.

? Networking was the key for much of their success within and outside of their industry. When they joined professional associations, they joined with the goal of becoming an officer in the organization for better exposure and networking. Networking consistently served as a catalyst for thinking creatively to capitalize on opportunities.

? They all are students of human behavior. They are keen observers of their employees' and managers' actions. They look for team- oriented individuals who treat others with respect and dignity. Attitude is the key ingredient for being recognized by this group of executives. They are constantly on the look out for talent within and outside of their organizations.

? The majority of these senior executives moved around their organizations every two to three years. A lot of them took lateral transfers in order to understand all facets of the organization.

? It was evident that these senior executives all focused on results. They have no patience for excuses or reasons why something cannot be done.

? All of them are strong advocates of life-long learning. They are voracious readers. They read about many different subjects. Their readings spur creativity which they put into action. They are constantly learning about how others run their organizations and how they can apply those strategies to their organizations.

What senior executives are most concerned with:

? Retention of valued employees

? Turnover

? Ethical behavior

? Customer service and satisfaction

? Global competition

? Employee healthcare

? Lack of communication from all levels of the organization

? Lack of employee loyalty and company loyalty to employees

? Finding good people

? Satisfying stockholders while balancing cost Cheap Matt Nieto Jersey , quality, service and employee morale

? Lawsuitsdiscrimination charges

? Lack of civility towards one another and customers

? Integrating a diverse workforce

What senior executives think about today's youth:

This question was a mix of attitudes and opinions. It appears that responses were influenced by type of industry and tenure of the senior executives. Here is what they said:

? Bright Cheap Nail Yakupov Jersey , ambitious, motivated Cheap J.T. Compher Jersey , opinionated, intelligent and confident

? Have an entrepreneurial mindset

? Ability to multitask

? Need a better work ethic?absenteeism Cheap Carl Soderberg Jersey , drugs

? What can the company do for me attitude

? Expectations are too high?expect promotions without paying the dues

? Lack of commitment to the organization

? Have a sense of entitlement

? Lack of civility and professional bearing

? Lack of respect for others

? Too much reliance on technology and not enough people skills

Publications senior executives read most:

? Trade publications specifically written about their particular industry
? Harvard Business Review
? Wall Street Journal
? Fortune
? Economist
? Investors Business Daily
? Books on tape
? Fast Company
? Executive Books Summary
? Forbes
? Business Week

HobbiesInterests of senior executives:

? Golf
? Family
? Reading
? Traveling
? Volunteering
? Working out
? Walkingrunning
? Cooking
? Tennis
? Fishing
? Bicycling

If your career plan is to ascend to a senior management position, write your own personal action plan based upon how the senior executives in your organization gained their experiences. In addition Cheap Blake Comeau Jersey , think about how you can help them with their major concerns in leading an organization. Read what they read in order to be conversant with them. Look at their hobbies and interests and determine if you have mutual interest with them. If you do, use it to network and display your similar interest through conversation. Lastly Cheap Alexander Kerfoot Jersey , form a positive response for their perception of the youth of today. Suggest ways that they can harness the energy of the youth and put it to a positive force within an organization.

Ryan James (R.J.) Lancaster is the president of the Education & Learning Institute, a research Cheap Sven Andrighetto Jersey , seminar and publishing company. He helps organizations and individuals think differently to ensure their success. He is also a professional speaker and author of E-books.

Contact information: (602) 274-4609
Email: rlancaster5@
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