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The amazing benefits of pepper Health Articles | February 21 Gordie Howe Hoodie , 2013
Pepper is the fruit of Solanaceae. The alternate name has spicy eggplant, spicy fire. Pepper cultivated in everywhere, have many varieties, wherein the red pepper is the most piquancy, chili seed was more piquancy.?

Peppers, also known as bell pepper, taste sweet, no spicy. Appropriate to eat chili is beneficial to human health. Spicy foods contain a substance called capsaicin Dylan Larkin Red Wings Jersey , and it will make you instantly sweating, in the eating process will have a burning sensation. Capsaicin manufacturer studied found that the effect of capsaicin is not only in people enjoy spicy foods, it also has a lot of benefits for human health.

As stomachic medicine: capsaicin contains more in fresh chili, it can stimulate the oral saliva gland, increased saliva secretion, thereby enhance the appetite. Capsaicin also can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract mucosa, increase the secretion of digestive juice, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis Frans Nielsen Red Wings Jersey , is good for food digesting and absorbing.

As the nutrient: fresh pepper contains a lot of vitamin A, C and carotene, is one of nutrient vegetables, but dry chili due to loss a lot of vitamin, only used as the seasoning.

Pepper can be used as a control agent, because capsaicin can stimulate the cardiovascular system, accelerate heartbeat, improve the circulation of blood. So Mike Green Red Wings Jersey , eat chili will make people feel hot, blush, heartbeat. In wet or cold places, eat chili have the role of clearing dampness and against cold; cold patient eat chili soup can help sweating, benefit to recover the cold; chilli washing no ulceration frostbite or rubbed ointment made-up by pepper can treat chilblain.

To reduce pain, the chemical structure of capsaicin will stimulate the sensitive nerve endings of pain, this is also the reason why human body touch capsaicin will cause pain or burning sensation. If they are no actual burn occurs, neurotransmitter substance P released by neurons sent to brain Gordie Howe Red Wings Jersey , so that transmit pain signals. Capsaicin has been shown as a natural painkiller, used to consume P material, reduce pain signals sent to brain, capsaicin to relieve arthritis, muscle pain, and neuropathic pain are effective.

Used for weight control, capsaicin consumption can cause temporary temperature increased and the carbohydrate oxidation fat oxidized. In addition, capsaicin intake will make you more easy to feel satiety Womens Dylan Larkin Jersey , thereby reducing the calorie and fat intake, perfect to avoid the weight or the diet structure changed. The study in mice has shown that once capsaicin reach the small intestine, will speed up the brown fat metabolism, increase energy consumption and reduce the overall body fat.

Surprisingly, capsaicin also has anti-cancer properties. Capsaicin can make the prostate cancer cells reduce 80%. Another study by pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers found that while capsaicin destroy lung cancer cells and pancreatic cancer cells, at the same time, does not affect the normal function of adjacent tissue. In ten years of future, capsaicin will be more used in cancer research.

But eating a large number of chili will make the digestive juice secrete too much Womens Frans Nielsen Jersey , cause gastrointestinal mucosal hyperemia, edema, gastrointestinal peristalsis intensifies, can produce gastritis, enteritis, diarrhea, vomiting and so on, is not conducive to recover gastrointestinal diseases. Also make the heart beat too faster Womens Mike Green Jersey , circulating blood volume increased, also not conducive to the rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease. So people who with febrile disease, ulcer disease, chronic gastroenteritis, hemorrhoids, dermatitis, tuberculosis and chronic bronchitis and hypertension diseases, should beware of eating pepper.


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