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This appointment http://www.cheapreactelement55.com/ , scheduled for some time, not only confirms the continuity of management but also takes into account the excellent results obtained by Mr. Guadalupe Hublot since his arrival in early 2005.

Mr. Jean-Claude Biver will remain in the Hublot as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Continue, as before, and valuable tips to boost both in terms of strategic direction to product development. As an official spokesperson for Hublot , Mr. Biver also will coordinate all communication activities of the company taking the relationship with the press, collectors Nike React Element 55 Mens Sale , and general industry markets.

"There 'a time to learn, to do one, one for transmit and one to leave. So I came upon the satisfaction of passazione send to a friend and collaborator for more 'than 20 years and happiness' to accompany the team at "strategic", "product" and "relational". "

Luxury Watches: Hublot opens its first flagship store in China

Beijing, November 29, 2010 - Hublot did the honors at the ceremony of inauguration of its first flagship store in Beijing Nike React Element 55 Womens Sale , China, in the prestigious Wangfujing St.

The flagship store inherits the Art of Fusion - Hubli t, the House of Swiss luxury watches watchmaking that celebrates' s "Art of Fusion" and a passion for unusual combinations, announced the opening of its third boutique China, with its 100 square meters, will be even more extensive: from the first Wholesale Nike React Element 55 , at Plaza 66 in Shanghai, and the second, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dalian. Located at the prestigious Wangfujing Street, the famous Oriental Plaza, one of the richest and iconic shopping centers in Beijing, the store inherits the philosophy of '"Art of Fusion" Nike React Element 55 For Sale , an ingenious combination of steel, carbon fiber, aluminum and special alloys, wood, leather, rubber and glass Cheap Nike React Element 55 Shoes , and presents a modern and original shopping experience truly unique.

Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot, said: "Every newly opened reflects the great vitality and tremendous expansion of HUBLOT , of which each month is shown by the inauguration of exclusive venues in the most prestigious in the world. With a total by the end of the year, 30 boutiques, shops Cheap Nike React Element 55 Sale , thanks to the forthcoming opening of the Place Vendome in Paris and on Madison Avenue in New York, Hublot has never been so strong and successful. "

Jet Li joins Hublot as a testimonial of the brand - Hublot and honored that Jet Li has decided to become an international spokesperson of the House. Versatile, charismatic and great integrity, Jet Li is not only one of the most famous actors of kung fu movies, but it is also very active in the social field, a model and a hero in the trans-Asia and the world.

Hublot made its official entry into China in 2009. After one year Cheap Nike React Element 55 Mens , the results can be described as exceptional Hublot. In five years, the brand has opened 28 boutiques scattered around the world, including 3 in China, in addition to 4 dealer based in Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian and Hangzhou. The brand will reach 15 Hublot boutique in China over the next 3 years. The boutique in Beijing and a partnership with Jinhua Watch & Jewelry Cheap Nike React Element 55 Womens , the main partner of Hublot in China. Jinhua Watch & Jewelry, founded in 1992, has offered a huge support for Hublot in China with its impeccable service, luxurious surroundings and knowledge of high-end Swiss watches.

For this special occasion, Hublot has presented China's new Big Bang One Million $ Lady. The Big Bang One Million $ Lady 38 mm and an exceptional piece, enhanced by well 880 baguette-cut diamonds for a total of over 48 carats. Made of white gold jewelry by experienced teachers who have used the technique of complex '"embedding invisible" that makes the most of the luminosity diamonds. Given the complexity of its manufacture Cheap Nike React Element 55 , is made only on special order.

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