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A few students from Drake University in Iowa published an article in their campus paper. In it, they put together clues from different sources Robin Ventura Jersey , such as artwork from album covers and lyrics from Beatles songs played backwards.

Shortly thereafter, a call to a radio show intensified the story; the caller asked the dj about the rumors, which sparked a long discussion. Inspired by this, a journalist published a satiric article in the Michigan Daily. Student LaBour had made up the clues in his story, one of them the classic myth of the Abbey Road Album cover. You remember 鈥?the four Beatles walking across the street in a line, one after the other. Apparently, Paul is out of step Paul Konerko Jersey , and also barefoot, which for some reason seemed to be irrefutable evidence of foul play.

After this was picked up on national radio 鈥?which stunned Labour, since he knew he had made most of the clues up 鈥?the rumor went, as we would call it today, viral. It took a lot of work of the Beatles鈥?press office to refute it, and Paul McCartney had to give interview after interview to prove he was still alive. Or was he?

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Face Lift - Not Just for Women Any Longer Health Articles | December 31, 2011
More men than ever are choosing to undergo cosmetic procedures Ozzie Guillen Jersey , including a face lift, in order to look younger. Read about what this surgical option can do for you.

Over one million men have had cosmetic procedures performed in the last year, with a good portion of patients being baby boomers. The most popular procedures being done include ear-pinning surgery, the use of Botox and fillers, liposuction, and breast reduction, but a face lift tends to be at the top of the list. Consider what you need to know about this surgery.

If you chose to undergo a face lift Nellie Fox Jersey , it would involve the same process as for a woman, although the surgical approach would be somewhat different. For instance, the procedure for a man is geared toward sharpening the angles of your jaw, chin, and neck, so less attention would be paid to the wrinkles around your eyes, cheeks Michael Jordan Jersey , and nose. The basic premise for this is the fact that sharply defined contours can make a man appear to look rested and more youthful. The fine wrinkles of your skin would remain, but with the use of a laser, they would be less noticeable. The amount of improvement you should expect to see following your surgery would ultimately depend on how much wrinkling and sagging you had to begin with.

Other differences that your surgeon should take into account include the fact that a man's skin is thicker and has a richer blood supply than a woman's skin, so you would have an increased risk of bleeding or development of a hematoma. Since men in general do not use makeup or wear their hair long, the closure of your incisions would have to be done as meticulously as possible as they would be more difficult to conceal. Using certain techniques to maximize your aesthetic outcome, suture placement would likely involve the ear crease, the area around your earlobe Melky Cabrera Jersey , and your lower scalp. Since your skin may also have sustained excessive sun damage due to increased sun exposure, either from your occupation or from participation in recreational activities, you would probably benefit from other procedures such as laser resurfacing.

If you are in good physical health, you will most likely be an excellent surgical candidate. However, you will also need to be evaluated to ensure that you have reasonable expectations of your surgical results, which is essentially to have a younger appearance. The procedure involves removing excess facial fat and skin, which is followed by careful remodeling of the facial muscles and tissue below the surface. Your surgeon will advise you of the risks involved with surgery. Although they are rare Luke Appling Jersey , they include scarring, damage to the surrounding nerves, and limited facial paralysis. You may also have an increased chance of forming a blood clot following surgery, as men in general have more blood cells in their face than women.

You should expect to look younger and more attractive following your face lift, which should increase your confidence level in your personal life as well as professionally. Call to schedule a consultation with a board-certified surgeon in your area to see how this procedure could take years off your life.. Jordan 12 For Sale Jordan 6 For Sale Cheap Air Max 2018 Cheap Air Max 95 Cheap Nike Air Max 2017 Cheap Air Max 1 Air Max 95 Sale Air Max Mens Sale Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Cheap Air Max Online
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