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4/20/2019 6:14:38 AM
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Why all the Usana Fraud allegations? Given that you are on this page right currently Patrick Mahomes Jeysey , you are questioning whether USANA is a scam – or if it is a legitimate home-based business opportunity. Here’s the thing: your’e not the only one. More than 1000 folks each month get on Google in search of the answer to this question. In this article, you will learn the truth behind the USANA business model and at the end will have the knowledge to make an educated business decision. I’ve got to disclaim before we begin, that I’m in no way affiliated with USANA. I don’t take their products, and I’m not building a downline in USANA. In spite of this Tyreek Hill Jeysey , I have been involved in network marketing for the past four years and can reveal some stuff that you may not see on the surface.

So number one, USANA is not a fraud – it is a legitimate company that has been in operation since 1992, manufacturing and distributing supplements nearly worldwide via a MLM promotion model. It’s quite frankly rather regrettable that so many folks find such great pleasure in writing negative forum posts and articles on the Internet about USANA and the multi-level marketing profession in general. The truth behind these false USANA fraud confirmations is that they are coming from angry former USANA distributors that failed at creating a substantial business with USANA and now want to hurt the company and dissuade future USANA reps from joining. The reason for failure in USANA and in all other legitimate network marketing companies is NOT because of the company – and I will touch on that a little later in this article. Before that, I’m going to lay down the facts and show you exactly why USANA is a lawful company and a legitimate network marketing business.

Substantiating Untruthful USANA Fraud Claims…

People who are familiar with Multi-Level Marketing and the laws that govern it now for over thirty years can see right away that USANA is a great network marketing company that falls inside of the FTC guidelines of a legitimate home business. This company not only meets legal guidelines Wholesale Chiefs Hats , they’ve in point of fact won several honors for their products and generous compensation model.

The question of USANA fraud generally comes from a lack of comprehension of the laws that govern multi-level marketing companies in the US, & confusing a legally recognized Network marketing opportunity with a pyramid scheme. The people who aren’t aware of these rules have plainly not studied the foundation for the law suits that occurred back in the 1970’s in the United States.

Two points about USANA are evident that makes it a 100% lawful business:

Firstly, USANA has science based products that have been proven to do what they say they’ll do. Pyramid scams don’t even have a product. In a pyramid scheme, you can only be paid by recruiting more people into the business and that is obviously completely illegal.

The second thing is that USANA’s pay plan is extremely balanced and distributors of USANA earn more money on average than most other network marketing companies existing today. USANA uses a binary compensation model where you are focused on building two “legs” – a left and a right. Any rep you sponsor following your first two Wholesale Chiefs Hoodies , are credited to you as ‘personally sponsored,’ but really are placed below one of the first two distributors you recruited. This style of compensation model has grown to be very prevalent over the past 10 years & USANA was one of the first companies to use it. The legitimacy of this compensation plan complies with every International regulation and is 100% lawful.

So, undoubtedly the answer is simple: there is no USANA fraud happening. However, as I mentioned earlier in this article Wholesale Chiefs Shirts , many of the comments that you will find online that claim USANA is a scam are written by previous USANA distributors who failed at the business. You may be wondering why so many fail at USANA and at MLM models in general and the answer is simple: a deficiency in marketing knowledge and marketing education. Understand, regardless of the fact that USANA is a totally lawful network marketing opportunity, that does not mean that you will be guaranteed success, much less have a good shot at it – without a proper marketing education Wholesale Chiefs Jerseys , outside of anything you will learn from USANA.

Generally speaking, most uplines in USANA teach you to make a list of everyone you know and invite them to a business opportunity briefing. Once you’re done with that, they will have you wander around in shopping malls and book stores applying the ‘3-foot rule’ (ie. you speak to everyone within 3 feet of you). THIS, is precisely why there is the massive failure rate in this business – telling everyone you know about this business opportunity is NOT marketing! Now Cheap Chiefs Hats , I’m not saying it doesn’t work – I am saying that it doesn’t work for most people, and if you want to be successful in this industry you should try some updated marketing strategies that have been proven to work for more than 1% of the people that attempt them.

So, in , now that I’ve debunked the USANA fraud illusion Cheap Chiefs Hoodies , if you’re considering signing up with USANA, I recommend first getting some good USANA marketing training to further get you started on the right track and pave your path to profit.

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