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I?m writing this article to figure out some of the common mistakes that should be avoided when you learning skateboarding. That way you don?t get yourself into a mess and then learn from it the hard way. First Nicklas Backstrom Youth Jersey , this is a sport that takes plenty of time to learn. Don?t assume you can buy your first board this week and then compete next week because it won?t be happening.

Many mistakes take place with the start to buying a skateboard. It can be tempting to select one based solely on the way that it looks. Other people buy one due to the low price or they assume a high dollar one will make it easier for them to learn. Then they end up putting it way for good after spending hundreds of dollars on it. Don?t let that happen to you. Instead get the right type of board for the type of skating you wish to take part in. Get one that is moderately priced to start with. You can always upgrade later on as a way to reward yourself for learning how to ride.

Many people think that they look ridiculous or at least like a beginner when they were safety equipment. The failure to do so can result in serious injuries including head trauma and broken bones. There is plenty of risk involved with skateboarding but you can minimize it if you take the time to buy safety equipment that fits you properly.

Never attempt to do the moves that you haven?t got the skills for. This is going to increase your risk of injury as well. When someone else does them you may get the impression that they are easy but that isn?t the case. Be confident in your own skill level before you advance to anything else. Learn the right moves for it too before you attempt it or you will end up regretting it.

Trying to stand on your skateboard all the time during the learning process is another common mistake. It should be expected that you will fall, so take the time to learn the best way to do it. With your safety equipment on, crouching down and rolling when you are losing balance will help you get through the fall without feeling any real pain. Then you can get up, find your board and do it all over again!

Don?t consider that everyone is against the issue of skateboarding. If you walk around with such a chip on your shoulder you are going to represent the sport in a negative light. Be respectful of those that don?t appreciate the sport. Don?t force it on them and don?t ride your board though a group of non skaters as they are walking or standing around.

In fact Alex Ovechkin Youth Jersey , your behavior can shed new light on the sport for people. They may lose the common stereotype of it due to the respect you have shown to them. By the same token, don?t only associate with other skaters. It can be fun to have a group that shares this common interest but have outside influences as well.

Now that you are aware of common skating mistakes that you want to avoid, you can go about things the right way. That is going to make the learning process easier for you and the entire sport more fun. Too many people give up on it right away because they become frustrated. When you know in advance what to expect you can be well prepared for it. Then they learning process is something you can embrace instead of being intimidated by.

MELBOURNE, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) -- The Australian Open has been forced to exert the "extreme heat policy" due to three consecutive hot days of over 40 degrees on Thursday.

This means that play on all outside courts will be stopped and matches will be suspended in the main arenas until the roofs are closed.

The announcement was made at 1.52 p.m. on Thursday following criticism from players for playing on such extreme conditions. The forecast top for Melbourne on Thursday is 44 degrees Jay Beagle Womens Jersey , even two-three more than the previous two days. Friday is expected to reach 42 ahead of a gusty change.

Earlier, tournament referee Wayne McKewen said while conditions so far this week had not warranted the extreme heat policy to be implemented, "today may be a different story based on forecasts."

Speaking to Melbourne radio station 3AW, McKewen said weather conditions were being "continually re-assessed" and that he was in regular contact with the tournament's chief medical doctor and the Bureau of Meteorology John Carlson Womens Jersey , which has set up a temporary base at Melbourne Park.

"We've got staff in the tournament control who are continually monitoring the weather conditions," he said, adding that ambient air temperature, humidity and wind variation were all considered.

McKewen said he was confident the regulations protected players' health and safety Braden Holtby Womens Jersey , despite removing the phrase "predetermined threshold" from the tournament's heat policy earlier in the week.

The trams carrying spectators to and from Melbourne Park on Tuesday had to be suspended in late afternoon after their steel tracks simply buckled in the heat.

On Tuesday, a reading of 26 results in ice vests being dispatched to all courts, but even after exceeding the 30.1 reading, which prompts a 10-minute break between the second and third sets of women's singles matches Andre Burakovsky Womens Jersey , but these measures to avoid heatstroke are not enough to appease players' concerns.

Canadian qualifier Frank Dancevic, who fainted, was understandably furious when he regained consciousness on Court Six and was required to complete his match against Benoit Paire in the men's first round on Monday.

"I think it's inhumane," Dancevic said. "I don't think it's fair to anybody Philipp Grubauer Womens Jersey , to the players, to the fans, to the sport, when you see players pulling out of matches Christian Djoos Womens Jersey , passing out," said Dancevic, who harshly complained over playing under such weather conditions.

U.S. player John Isner said it was a like an oven on court. The American played his first round on Monday, but had to withdraw half way after he lost first two sets Devante Smith-Pelly Womens Jersey , partly for heat.

"When I open the oven and the potatoes are done, that's what it's like," he said.

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